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Benefits of Volunteering with Canstruction Long Island

Canstruction is an international charity of the architectural, engineering, design and construction industries which helps fight hunger locally. We are always looking for interested, dedicated professionals to assist in the planning and execution of our annual event. Benefits of being a Canstruction Long Island volunteer include:

Canstruction Long Island Committees

The Fundraising Committee is in charge of collecting donations for our raffle baskets that they prepare for the Awards Reception each year. They design, pack, and store the baskets, and handle ticket sales during the event.
Director: Lori Maurer

The Graphics committee handles updating and maintaining all of our marketing materials, flyers, posters, signs, and handbooks as well as other documents to keep up with any changes made year to year. They are also in charge of creating our Journal which is distributed each year at the Award Reception.
Director: Corrine Collins

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for maintaining relationships with former sponsors, as well as finding new businesses or individuals interested in sponsorships, journal advertisements, or commercial grants. They must maintain records and handle collection of payments, logos, and advertisements to keep everything up to date.
Director: TBD

The Administration committee is tasked with handling our relationship with Canstruction corporate, organizing badges, tshirts, and juror gifts for the buildout and reception, and contracting local businesses to handle our printed media needs.
Director: Corrine Collins

Event Logistics
The Event Logistics Committee coordinates all of the arrangements for the smooth and successful production of the Canstruction Buildout, Awards Reception, and DeCanstruction. This includes in-kind donation solicitation, food and beverage donations, Juror recruitment, catering, photography and videography. They also handle organizing transportation of cans and all coordination with the local food banks.
Director: Anne Bershatsky

Communications and Public Relations
The Communications and Public Relations Committee is responsible for maintaining the organization's online presence incuding social media platforms, mailing lists, and local event calendars. They keep people engaged year round promoting participation of our teams and support of our sponsors.
Director: Andrea Sobocinski

Team Recruitment
The Team Recruitment Committee reaches out to members of the architectural, engineering, and design world to create teams for our annual competition. This includes local firms as well as colleges with degree programs in these industries. Teams may also be from local high schools with relevant programs or from interested community groups with a mentor in the industry to provide guidance and design help. In addition, this committee helps to guide team members through the competition, assisting them with any questions they have as they design and create their “canstruction”.
Director: Jenny Lynn Georgiades

Interested in helping? Send us an email at info@canstructionli.org

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